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POPA CHUBBY – Universal Breakdown Blues


Label: Mascot Records

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I have never been a big blues guy.  Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate it, as I know most of today’s rock it tied to it in one form or another.  I just never appreciated the stuff that rides on the bluesier side of the track.  “I Don’t Want Nobody” is one of those tracks that I can get into because it sounds more like a rocker than a blues track.  The guitar is killer here and creates the want to listen to the rest of the disc regardless of the vibe or tone of the tracks.  “I Ain’t Giving Up” is one of those bluesier tracks with rich background vocals and the mellow groove.  “Universal Breakdown Blues” comes along and revives me.  The guitar licks are big and fun.  You can hear the influence of other guitarists that I have been fans of through the years.  This track keeps the disc rolling nicely.  “The Peoples Blues” is another text book blues track that is performed quite well, but not in my wheelhouse.  “Rock Me Baby” on the other hand has some of the best guitar work on this disc.  There is something about the tracks that have a rock edge to them on this disc.  The songs seem to jump through the speakers and grab my attention.  The solos in this track are soulful and well played.  This track is one of the best on the disc.  “69 Dollars” is a cool mix of rock and blues.  The song kicks off like it is going to be a full blown rocker, but soon the blues riff creeps in and gives the song a nice twist.  This is a fun track that nicely marries the two different vibes on the disc.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is a nice take on the standard, but not enough to keep me interested for almost 9 minutes.  There is a cool breakdown in the middle that has a fusion feel to it.  “I Need A Little Mojo” is next and  brings a cool kick to the disc, as the groove is not quite rock or blues, but some mashed up combination that has a feel all its own.  The breakdown and solo are fun and punchy.  This is a great track that adds a little dimension to the guitar playing.  “Danger Man” has a chugging blues riff that keeps this song moving.  The guitars are full and fuzzy when needed, but also clear and concise at times to provide a nice mixture.  The pace of the track keeps the foot tapping and the finger off the NEXT button.  “Goin’ Back To Amsterdam (Reefer Smokin’ Man)” is all blues, but with a cool rock twist.  The guitars are exactly what a song of this nature, based on lyrics, need.  The tempo and rhythm are consistent and keep the track moving.  “The Finger Bangin’ Boogie” has a rock-a-billy feel to it that keeps you listening regardless of your preference to rock or blues.  The lyrics are exactly what you would expect form the title, but they are subdued enough to disguise themselves from anyone who doesn’t know the title.  The riffs are full and well fitted to the rest of the track.  “Mindbender” closes the disc with a rocker that is fun to listen to.  The leads and riffs are chunky and fill the speakers with rock goodness.  This track is an air-guitar players dream.  What a great weay to end the disc.

Category: CD Reviews

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