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PETE MURRAY – Blue Sky Blue “The Byron Sessions”

| 1 May 2013 | Reply

Label: Sony
Released April 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Pete Murray - Blue Sky Blue CD

Australia’s very own James Blunt is back.

It’s not that his songs are BAD, per se, it’s just that his music is so unutterably bland, that it is instantly forgettable.

To say his ultra smooth telephone-holding-tune-friendly songs hold little visceral thrill for rock fans is to sorely understate the fact: I can’t imagine even the most under-the-thumb housewife, the most AM-radio-obsessive pensioner, or the most yacht rock, comfy-shoes-and-polyester-slacks anti-hipster finding anything in this flaccid elevator muzak which makes Jack Johnson sound like a thrash metal shreddster in comparison, except a one-way ticket to narcolepsy.

Perhaps therein lies the appeal, because SOMEONE out there is buying it?!?!


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