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| 9 May 2013 | Reply

Spitfire Music
Released May 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Diva Demolition - Diva Disease EP

Diva Demolition have attracted a heap of attention lately, scoring coveted support slots for both the KISS/Motley Crue Monster tour and some Aerosmith shows on Australia’s East Coast.

In Kylie Cowling and Sheree Newton they have a couple of sassy chicks wielding bass & guitar respectively, and Cowling is a charismatic and gutsy frontwoman as well.

So why is there so much mixed emotion where Diva Demolition is concerned? Well, there are some who feel that DD are too new on the scene and haven’t paid enough dues to be scoring such high profile tours, but listening to Diva Disease the primary issue seems to be that their songs err on the side of the one dimensional.

Craig Porteil’s production is robust enough, the band rock out especially on the latter half of this four track EP (Bitch and Screw Loose), and everything SOUNDS good… but the songs don’t stand out from a thousand other bands, with repetitive choruses and lyrics that are too clichéd – simply not enough uniqueness and personality to make them stand out memorably.

Diva Demolition have the potential to be a really good band, but their songwriting craft needs work first, possibly even drafting in some outside writers to help them evolve before doing something as dramatic as dropping an album which will force punters to make a premature decision about them.

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