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Cruz Del Sur Taking Pre-Orders For Vinyl Edition of VOID MOON’s “On the Blackest of Nights”


Cruz Del Sur Music is giving vinyl treatment to the debut full-length from acclaimed Swedish doomsters VOID MOON. The gatefold vinyl edition, which features an unreleased track exclusive to this release, will be available this Spring.

Pre-orders are now being taken at this location.

Stream On the Blackest of Nights at the Cruz Del Sur Music Bandcamp Page.

“The strong presence of the bass, which reminded me a lot of BLACK SABBATH, helps create a somber tone, the guitars give a melody to that darkness and Gustavsson helps integrate this atmosphere with his tortured vocals that help convey the pain of existence.” – 

Metal Temple

“Doom metal isn’t really one of those genres I’ve given much attention to over the years but I can always rely on the band’s label Cruz Del Sur Music to show me just how much I’m missing. Last year, it was the album Boldly Stride the Doomed by Argus. This year it is Void Moon’s On the Blackest of Nights. An exceptional grade rating is easily deserved.” – Heavy Metal Haven

Void Moon was formed in early 2009 by bassist Peter Svensson and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Gustavsson along with notorious drummer Thomas Hedlund. The work on the first demo began in the end of 2009 and the recording was finished and mixed during the spring 2010. In October 2010 four of these tracks were released as the Through the Gateway 7″ EP on the German label Metalbound Records. Following the release Erika Wallberg joined the band as lead guitarist. In April 2011, a second demo was released, entitled The Mourning Son. The band made its debut gig in Malmö on the 14th of April and played in Gothenburg the week after supporting Pagan Rites. In November 2011 Void Moon played at the renowned Malta Doom Metal Fest. Their debut album, On the Blackest of Nights was released worldwide in November 2012.

Void Moon draws inspiration and strength from the old gods of Black Sabbath and Candlemass empowered by torchbearers like Solitude Aeturnus and contemporary bands like Hammers of Misfortune and Grand Magus. The songs are written in the early doom vein and the lyrical themes surround Crowley’s teachings, death, philosophy and heathen rituals.


Jonas Gustavsson (vocals/guitars)

 Peter Svensson (bass)

 Thomas Hedlund (drums)

Erika Wallberg (guitars)

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