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THE MATERIAL – Everything I Want To Say

| 17 April 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: April 9, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a band I have never heard of will catch my attention.  The latest from The Material caused that same reaction once again.  “Life Vest” opens the disc with a mellow groove that soon busts into a straight ahead rocker.  The guitars are solid and full while the bass and drums kick the song along.  There will be obvious comparisons between the vocalist and others of the genre, but don’t let that persuade you one way of the other.  “Born To Make A Sound” opens with a cool guitar riff that couples well with the bass line.  It is refreshing to see a band not afraid to turn up the bass.  The vocals are well matched to the music and the tone of the song.  “Tonight I’m Letting Go” has a little pop sound to it, but quickly evolves into a rocker that helps build a cohesive sound with the other tracks on the disc.  The songs are similar in nature, but each varies slightly.  The vocals are the common thread that keep this disc strung together.  “Running Away” comes out swinging and is a great track that builds on the rock groove of the previous tracks without going overboard.  The band has a comfort zone in straight ahead rockers and that makes them solid from top to bottom.  “Bottles” has a darker vibe and slower tempo than the other tracks, but it gives the band a little dimension.  The chorus rocks a bit, but not enough to keep this in the rocker category.

“Skin and Bone” is another moody track, but this one brings the guitars and rhythm section along for the ride.  This tempo is back up and the chorus is full of pounding bass and drums.  The vocals are a little gritty, but it really fits the song.  “Gasoline” starts off with an eerie sounding vocal, but the guitars quickly make this a great track.  The bass is again featured nicely in the verses and helps keep the song anchored.  The vocals on this one are strong and make this one of my favorites on the disc.  “The Great Unknown” is a cool little piece that adds a little variation to the rest of the disc.  “Love Me or Leave Me” is a cool ballad that has an edge created by the back and forth with the guitars and vocals.  The vocals get rough and emotional when needed without sounding cliche.  “Let Me In Again” builds on the momentum of the last track, but has a different feel and flavor to it.  The drums are evident and keep perfect time on this song, especially once the guitars pick up a bit.  The guitars slowly build through the song and are really strong in the transitional spots.  “Chances” is a great song to close the disc.  The sound is solid and nicely recaps the finer points of the disc.  The vocals have run the gamut on this disc, but they are great on this track and help seal this one as a keeper.

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