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| 6 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Waylon Speed Music

Release Date: February 26, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this disc.  I figured what the hell and threw it on for a listen through.  As I am slowing gaining an appreciation for country music and Southern Rock, this kinda hit me in a couple spots.  I love how the songs vary just enough that you can’t really pigeon hole this band into any one genre.  “Beef Jerky And Beer” kicks this disc off and it is a great start.  The playing is great, the vocals are rich and perfect for the track.  This song is everything cool about country when it meets a little southern rock groove.  “Livin'” is next and it has the cool laid back southern vibe.  If you listen really close, you can almost hear the good ole boys drinking their ‘shine in the background.  The breakdown in the track features great guitar work and a pimped out bass line.  “Then Again” comes out of the gate with some fast picking and slide guitar to make any country musician salivate.  The bridge slows the pace and gives us another glimpse into the band and their abilities.  “I Heard The Shot” opens with a guitar riff that is as rock as it is country.  The vocals are perfect for the song and blends well with the guitar.  The drums and bass hold the rhythm in place and keep perfect time.  “Cherry Plane” starts up like a bluesy rocker and doesn’t let up.  This track gives the bassist room to run.  This song has tempo changes and breakdowns that add depth to the musicians and their abilities.

“Gotta Get Out” retreats to the comfort of the country side of the tracks.  The harmonica coupled with some guitar picking and steel guitar make this more country than rock, but the tempo and vocals make this feel rock-a-billy like.  “Killin’ Time” opens with some great guitar work and soon the band kicks in and adds a cool southern rock flavor to the track.  This is blues-rock from start to finish.  The vocals are spot on and the guitar solo is short, simple, and perfect for the track.  “Silver And Gold” has a fiddle opening that sounds cool as hell matched up against the drums and eventually the joining guitar.  The vocals are tweaked and have gruff sound that gives the song a rough feel and vibe that helps paint the same picture as the lyrics.  “Smoke” is one of the more straight forward tracks on the disc.  The vocals and guitars combine to create a groove that is truly different from the other tracks on this disc, but it only adds to the end result.  The way these guys blend blues with country and rock create a cool southern rock sounding album.  “Train Out Of Town” starts slow, but quickly builds steam.  The drums and guitar lead the way, while the vocals jump aboard and come along for the ride.  This song is well placed at the end of the disc, as it makes you reach to restart this thing from the beginning to keep the good times and good vibes coming.

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