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VOODOO CIRCLE – More Than One Way Home

| 1 March 2013 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: March 26, 2013

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some CD’s only get one spin and then I decide what to do regarding a review.  This one didn’t take a listen all the way through before deciding I had to review this one.  Having grown up in the 80’s with all of the glam and hair metal, this one was right up my alley.  “Graveyard City” opens the disc and you know this is going to be good.  A big riff, pounding drums, and strong vocals welcome you to this track.  It is very hard not to draw immediate comparisons to Whitesnake, as the vocalist sounds a lot like Coverdale and the music is very blues rock oriented.  “Tears in the Rain” is next and draws us even closer to Whitesnake’s 1987 release with a track that seems to be  the sequel to “Crying In The Rain.”  The guitars are killer on this track and the solo is all blues and fits well right in the track.  “Heart of Babylon” follows and opens with drums, keyboards, and a cool riff.  The song leans on the blues rock groove when the vocals kick in, but again, the comparisons to Coverdale get stronger when the high notes are sang.  This guy can sing his ass off.  “Cry For Love” is a solid rock track that has a cool keyboard groove underneath all the rock guitar.  This has a fun blues feel woven through the vocals.  “Alissa” opens like a ballad, but picks up a little steam after the first chorus.  More vocals to remind us of David on this track, but that seems to be a recurring theme here.  The effort and talent aren’t lost on me, as I am a big Whitesnake fan and love the sound.  “The Ghost In Your Heart” is another track that features killer keyboard work.  This track has a very Deep Purple sound to it.  The riffs are strong, the drums and bass even stronger, but the keyboard stands out like crazy.

“Bane Of My Existence” is all guitar to open and it goes uphill from there.  The lead is serious, but not pretentious.  The vocals join in and this song takes off.  This runaway track is one of the stronger rock tracks on the disc.  “More Than One Way Home” brings us back to basics with a bluesy riff and vocal that demonstrates the bands roots and true love.  When the drums kick in, you know this band is committed to and love what they do.  “The Killer In You” is next and it brings the rock energy back up and gets in your face with a chugging lead that won’t let go.  The vocals are still very familiar  but it adds to the track.  The pings and squeals are a hair metal guys wet dream and add a little flair to the track.  “The Saint And The Sinner” has a different sound and feel to it when it kicks off, but the vocals help tie it to the rest of the disc.  This track is different enough to add a little depth to the disc, but similar enough to keep everything cohesive.  “Victim Of Love” is another track that opens like a ballad, but soon the energy is up and the chorus is charging.  When it comes to the verse parts of the song, these guys do bluesy ballads as good as the next band.  The vocals dance well with the guitars and the bass, drums, and keyboards keep everything in check until everyone kicks in and kicks ass.  “Open Your Eyes” closes the disc, but it leave syou wanting more.  Not that it was lacking; just the opposite.  This track makes you start the disc over and listen through again… a couple days in a row.

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