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| 6 March 2013 | Reply

Label: Let’s Riot Music
Released: October 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Ginger St James - Tease EP

Ginger St. James is a sassy young lass who hails from Toronto, Canada and plies a rockin’ little line of country hoe-down influenced rock n’ roll with a rockabilly edge and a cabaret swagger.

The Tease EP follows up debut album Spank, Sparkle and Growl from 2010, and features four tracks that each showcase a different side to this vivacious woman’s vocal talent.

Opener Beer Bottle Pockets is a rollicking rocka-country-billy stomper that reminds 100% ROCK MAG of Imelda May at her boisterous best, St. James’ voice doing just like it says on the tin and teasing he way through spunky lines such as “I got a fist full of sass and a whole lot of jive / I got a pretty dress, I got some high heeled shoes, I got some tricks up my sleeves and I can hit all my cues/ I got a cigarette and a deck of cards, I got a royal flush and a cuban cigar… I got something that you won’t forget ‘cos baby you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Lullaby slows things down and St. James’ vocals have a field day with the simple melodies and swinging groove of this cute-as-a-button tune, while the band keep the action vibrant, especially guitarist Snow-heel Slim.

Salvation is more country than the rest of the EP, but no less exciting – as you’d expect from a lady nominated for 2010 alt-country record of the year.  This is country Jim, but not as your Dad may remember it, as Slim picks out some choice licks, Greg Brisco’s Hammond organ swoops and slides throughout the tune, and Darrel Lascelles and Andre Tellier’s rhythm section never miss a moment of the driving beat.

Tease’s final track Please Mr. Driver brings everything together in a gift wrapped parcel:  rock, country, blues, roll, rockabilly – it has the whole shebang and it’s a great song that St. James’ voice makes a meal of.

Let’s hope Tease is just a … ahem, teaser for another album as soon as possible!

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