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DEVIL TO PAY – Fate Is Your Muse


Label: Ripple Music

Release Date: April 9, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It seems to be popular these days to strip back the metal and play heavy riffs just like they did it back in metal’s glory days.  “Prepare to Die” is one such track.  This heavy track has some cool riffs that seems to jump from the guitar without being lighting fast and full of effects.  “Ten Lizardment and One Pocketknife “follows and keeps the riff session alive, while keeping the bass and drums busy.  The rhythm section mixes well with the guitar while the vocals add depth to the track.   “Wearin’ You Down” opens with a little deeper vibe, but the song soon catches up and oozes of 70’s metal.  The bass and guitar duet nicely and keep the song from getting away from itself.  “Already Dead” is cool and funky.  The opening is all fret magic, while the song builds once the vocals enter.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  These guys have the pattern for this type of rock down pat.  “Yes Master” is much heavier than anything else on the disc thus far.  The vocals are layered and add a little more to this disc, although it seems to be too heavy and slow to fit the mood of the rest of the disc.  “This Train Won’t Stop” brings the speed and energy back to the disc.  This song has some fun riffs that open the tune, but they don’t disappear once the track kicks in  full speed.  The vocals seem to keep this song tethered a bit, as the instruments seem ready to charge off into the sunset.

“Savonarola” follows suit and keeps the disc moving along.  This track has more great riffs and leads to it that give us more insight to the band, as they believe its all about the riffs.  This song is a great example of that.  “Black Black Heart” has a cool chugging intro that demonstrates its not about a lead or off the cuff riff when launching a song.  This gives way and allows the rhythm section to stretch their legs a little.  The solos are well placed and are suited to the song.  “Naked Truth” smacks of old school metal, but this is good, as it returns us to the roots of the band and shows how well they have this sound down.  “Mass Psychosis” is another song that adds to the slow and heavy tracks on this disc.  This isn’t as slow as some, but it is heavy and seems belabored at times.  “Tie One On” brings the tempo up and this is a bluesy track that mixes a little blues and a little metal to create a great track.  This one has chugging riffs that are accentuated by the drums and bass lines.  “Beyond the Ether” has a weird groove that opens the track and sets this song apart from the rest of the disc, yet it seems to blend right in.  The solos are strong and complete the mood set by the rest of the track.

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