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SEVENDUST – Black Out The Sun

| 16 February 2013 | Reply


Label: 7Bros. Records

Release Date: March 26, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It is so hard to wait for an album when the last offering from a band is so strong.  That is the case with the latest from Sevendust.  I couldn’t get enough of the last disc, so to say I have been chomping at the bit for this release is a total understatement.  “Memory” opens this with a cool and mellow instrumental that doesn’t prepare you for what you are about to experience.  “Faithless” is next and it is exactly what the fans have been waiting for.  The guitars are full, the drums and bass keep the song on track, and the vocals are perfectly matched to the music.  “Till Death” follows and kicks off on the aggressive side.  Quickly, the band shows you different tones and textures without venturing too far from the quintessential Sevendust sound.  I am two songs in and quickly realize how right John Connolly was when he said, “These are all the Sevendust greatest hits you haven’t heard yet.”  “Mountain” comes along and has the cool chugging guitar sound that the band is known for, while the vocals are spot on.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  The groove on this track is infectious and will please all fans of the band.  “Cold As War” has a different vibe, but still feels like what we have come to expect from the band.  It is very apparent on this track these guys decided to stretch a little and try a few new things; the new things worked.  This song  has a melodic feel to it that really suits the vocals and rhythm section.  “Black Out The Sun” has a very cool guitar intro that merges into a classic Sevendust riff.  This song allows Lajon to sing without the aggression and screaming vocals.  “Nobody Wants It” is a nice follow up, in that is remains consistent with the previous track in tempo and feel.  The chorus is catchy and anthemic, but no worries, they haven’t gone pop.

“Dead Roses” comes along and adds another dimension to the disc.  It is so hard to peg this album as a whole due to the different grooves created by all the different tracks.  This features a cool chorus and even cooler guitar licks in the back ground.  The song writing is stronger a s a whole on this disc than I have ever heard from the band.  “Decay” is next and kicks the speakers over.  This track, the lead single, let you know the boys are back and taking no prisoners.  This song was meant to be played live.  The chorus is big, the guitars bigger, and the drums and bass line dangerous as ever.  “Dark AM” takes us away from that typical 7Dust sound, without straying too far.  Featuring a well structured chorus and bridge, this track really exemplifies what the band has been doing for years.  “Picture Perfect” has an interesting riff to open the track, with some off tempo drums and the vocals counting out the cadence for you.  This tune also features a mellow chorus that contrasts the rest of the track perfectly.  “Got A Feeling” is fun from the start, with it’s acoustic guitar intro and Lajon crooning sweetly over top.  This is as close as the band gets to a ballad, but don’t write it off.  This is a rock solid track that allows the Clint, John, Vince, and Morgan to flex their musicianship a bit from the norm.  It is one of the best tracks on the disc.  “Murder Bar” closes the disc with a great Sevendust track that wraps up all the different facets of the disc.  Excuse me while I depart, but it is time to start this one over and listen to it another time or two… I can’t wait to get my hands on this one and add it to my collection!

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