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Listenable Records Releasing SUPURATION’s “CU3E” April 9th in North America

| 9 February 2013 | Reply


Long-running avant garde death metal act SUPURATION will release the conceptual album CU3E (AKA – The Cube 3) – third in a story that has stretched across twenty years  – on April 9th in North America via Listenable Records.

Often tagged as progressive death metal, SUPURATION (or S.U.P. for their extra conceptual albums), is a very interesting proposition to the metal world. Don’t be fooled by the band moniker, SUPURATION do not specialize  in unleashing short grind-gore blasts, but deliver more of measured yet muscular balanced metal through a more profound, subtle and enigmatic musical world. Born in Valenciennes in the North of France in 1989, SUPURATION or their more progressive incarnation S.U.P., have been releasing a numerous amount of records over their 20 year career, developing a series of conceptual albums called The Cube . CU3E will see its release in 2013, actually 20 years later after the debut album release initiating the story about The Cube and 10 years after the similar in concept and powerful Incubation in 2003.

Popular for their massive wall of guitars and tasteful vocal delivery making them sound like an unexpected mixture of a crushing CARCASS and an intimate PINK FLOYD, SUPURATION have made themselves a cult recognition in the live circuit for not playing too often in the recent time but delivering mesmerizing and unique performances.

Check out the track “Consummate” from CU3E at this location.

1. Syngery Awakes

2. Introversion

3. The Disenthrall

4. Consumate

5. The Incongruents

6. The Delegation

7. Data Dance

8. The Flight

9. The Climax

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