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DIAMOND DAWN – Overdrive

| 20 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: February 22, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Melodic rock never gets old in my book.  The big guitars that duet with keyboards and the even bigger vocals over top the music get me excited about music.  The latest from Diamond Dawn is no different.  “Into Overdrive” opens the disc and it is evident quickly that melodic rock is alive and well.  The guitars and vocals standout on this track, as does the keyboard and rhythm section.  This song has set the pace and standard for this disc.   “Take Me Higher” keeps the energy up from the previous track.  On this tune, the guitar solos plentiful and the vocals soaring.  “Crying” is a mellower track that has a big chorus and bridge, but seems to take a while to get there.  The second verse has a cool bass and drum line that help carry it, so the song gets stronger as it progresses.  “Standing As One” brings the energy back up and the keyboard to the front during the introduction.  This song has a ballad feel during the verse, but the chorus is all melodic rock.  The big sound with the anthemic style lyric are sure to go over well if this track is added to their live set list.  “California Rush” opens with a motorcycle and cool guitar riff.  Nope, not quite the Motley Crue rip off.  This rocker has a different vibe than that song.  The bass line is pounding and keeps this track well anchored.  “Indestructible” is more rock goodness.  The song builds from an ethereal keyboard filled intro to a great song that features chugging guitar riffs and killer vocals that carry the track.

“Turn It Up” is balls out rock from the first note.  The drums and guitar fill the speakers and you know you are going for a great rock and roll ride.  The song has a fun groove to it that is accentuated by the vocals and the keyboards.  The chorus has a cool vibe that adds to the track.  “The Hunter” has an odd feel to it when the keyboards and guitar open the song.  It isn’t bad, just different from what else is on the disc.  The vocals are even a little darker and toned down compared to the rest of the tracks.  The background vocals are big and layered well.  “Give It All” returns us to the melodic feel of the earlier tracks on the disc.  The structure of the song is cookie cutter for melodic tracks, but the song is anything but typical.  The guitar riffs are well timed with the keyboard runs.  The vocals jump out and contrast the milder rhythm section playing on this track.  “Don’t Walk Away” has a cool introduction that leaves you wondering what to expect form this song.  The mystery is soon revealed and we are given a cool ballad that has some of the best fret work on the disc.  The vocals also standout on this track.  The contrast of high and low notes take you along for a great rock song.  “Powergames” closes the disc exactly how it started – with a great track that really demonstrates the depth of the band and their playing.  The song has guitar work and keyboards that play nice with each other while the rhythm section and vocals do what we have come to expect from them on this disc.

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