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| 22 February 2013 | Reply


Label: iTunes Digital

Release Date: February 4, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Pop?  Pop.  I listen to my share of pop – a guilty pleasure I must confess.  It’s like admitting you dig Black Veil Brides and Barry Manilow, or Kiss and Kelly Clarkson.  Guilty as charged.  That said, let’s check this EP out.  “Settle For Less” starts it off right.  The vocals are spot on and well matched to the music.  These guys have done something right on this with the background vocals and blending of guitars and keyboards.  “End Of The World” is next and keeps the pop sensibility in front, by turning up the tempo a bit and adding a little attitude to the vocals.  This has the same key components as the last track, but seems a bit heavier.  “I Like That” has a cool guitar intro that morphs into typical pop fare with a synth vibe and drums.  This is the male version of that “Call Me…” song.  It has the same feel and groove.  That’s not a bad thing – just bought a disc to get that track.  “A Little More You” follows and it follows the pattern set forth by the previous tracks.  This is pop done right.  The vocals are clean, the music precise, and the rhythm is solid.  The chorus gives a little pop to the track.  “Three Perfect Days” seems slower by nature, but it just may be the vocals.  They in as high a range as the last couple tracks.  This track also has less of an airy carefree feeling to it.  The music and vocals give it a more serious vibe.  “Soldier” features a cool acoustic opening that shifts gears into a cool pop track that has a laid back groove.  This is one of the cooler tracks on the EP, in that it doesn’t rush itself or make itself something it isn’t.  It is just pop done right.

Category: CD Reviews

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ToddStar - that's me... just a rocking accountant who had dreams of being a rock star. I get to do the next best thing to rocking the globe - I get to take pictures of the lucky ones that do. I love to shoot all genres of music and different types of performers. If it is related to music, I love to photograph it. I get to shoot and hang with not only some of my friends and idols, but some of the coolest people around today.

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