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| 18 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Universal Republic

Release Date: October 16, 2012

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a great album slides right by me.  That is totally the case with the latest from Anberlin.  “Self-Starter” kicks this disc off, and I really like it.  The music is great rock and roll with out being genre jumping or creating.  The playing is solid and the vocals accentuate the track.  The chorus and bridge are catchy and fun.  “Little Tyrants” is next and is a great rock track.  This features some cool guitar work that offsets the background vocals and chorus.  This is another fun song.  “Other Side” starts off different from the previous tracks, but it adds a little depth to the band and the disc.  The song has a cool vibe once the full band kicks in and makes this song seem darker without being depressing or overwhelming.  “Someone Anyone” brings the energy back up and even seems to add a little indie sensibility to the track.  The vocals are a bit edgy without being cliche for this style music.  The chorus is very anthemic and lends itself to live performance.  “Intentions” features a cool guitar/keyboard introduction that seems poppy, but that feeling fades when the vocals start up.  The notion is gone once we get to the chorus.  This is one of the better tunes on the disc.  “Innocent” slows the pace down, but that is a great thing.  We get to hear another side of the band.  From the keyboards to the lighter vocals, the song adds some energy to the disc, without being an over the top rock tune.  The lyrics are inspiring and the song is great to listen to.

“Desires” brings the rock back without killing the vibe created by the last track.  This also has a great chorus that would go over well.  The guitars are great, but the bass and drums really add depth to the track while solidly anchoring the sound.  “Type Three” brings the indie feel back to the disc.  The vocals on this are killer on this track, making it one of the best on the disc.  I love the bridge between the verses and the chorus and the transition the vocals provide.  “Orpheum” is another track that brings a combination of indie and pop style to the track.  The music really is the star on this track, as it sets the mood for the vocals, but steers the song and gives it a fun feel, regardless of the nature of the lyrics.  This disc doesn’t let up; it features one great song after another.  “Modern Age” is a rocker that nicely wraps up all the cool key components from all of the tracks on this disc.  The vocals are spot on, the guitars and keyboards add to the song, while the bass and drums keep this on track.  “God, Drugs & Sex” is another song that ranks among the best on this disc.  It has a different feel than most of the songs here, but the dark vibe, coupled with the lyrics and vocals really keep this song airy and ethereal.  This is a great way to help bring the disc to an end.  “Unstable” closes the disc with a slightly different sound than the last few tracks had.  It really left me wanting more and resetting the disc to the first track for another run through.  Never heard of these guys before, but definitely a fan now (as the local music retailer can attest to).  Thanks for the tip Kevin.

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