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| 17 January 2013 | Reply

Self released
Released: December 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Underground Hound EP cover

Underground Hound are a Perth-based ensemble of street walkin’ cheetahs, blasting out garage bound riffs with a nod to the blues and a tip of their napalm hearts to 1960’s Detroit.

One doesn’t come to the Hound seeking a reinvention of the wheel or a slickly produced radio friendly unit shifter – no, these guys are selling truth, and the four tracks on offer here are muscular and uncompromising, as strident and confronting as The Stooges, Radio Birdman or The Stones at their grittiest.

Throwing themselves headfirst into Johnny Walk The Line and Makin’ Profit, it’s easily apparent that there’s no room for balladry or shoe-gazing introspection here:  it’s head shaking, lip curling rock n’ fucking roll from go to woe.

As you bounce yourself around the room to She Wants To (Take You Down) – as surly as a teenager with a grudge – you can’t help but like the simplicity and honesty on display:  This is rock n’ roll, folks, suck it and see.  What Are You Striving For closes out the EP, blistering and confronting and – yes – TRUE.

Underground Hound are striving for rock n’ roll, and they’ve plucked its still-beating heart right out of its chest for all to see.  That’s rock n’ roll, Daddyo.

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