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| 17 January 2013 | Reply

Label: Erotic Volcano Records
Released: 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

The Neptune Power Federation - Mano Satano CDOB-30H3-007}

Lauding itself as “the ultimate satanic party album”, Mano Satano has been lovingly hand crafted by a group of luminaries from the Australian punk and metal scene (names dropped include Mortal Sin, Frenzal Rhomb, Nancy Vandal, All You Can Eat, Demolition Highstyle, Daredevil, Your Mother, White Trash and The Love Songs) who have filled their “sonic cauldron” to the brim “with fuzz pedals, rotten spandex and fast acting space hallucinogens.”

A mad concept you might think, especially when the press bio describes “a volatile amalgam of punk fuzz and old school metal, like Motley Crue making out with Mudhoney whilst Anton Lavey observes, peering silently through a set of velvet curtains. Well, something along those lines.”

What you actually get is aural madness – heavy rock played by thrash madmen, three sheets to the wind and racing towards Valhalla to see who can have a honk on The Horn Of Odin first.  Of course, they probably want to so they can make a joke about “blowing Odin’s horn” or something like that – but that’s cool too.

It’s testament to the quality of this platter that the nine original songs are all at least as good as their cover of Quiet Riot’s classic Metal Health, which closes the album out.

Like Wolfmother on… well, on the aforementioned fast acting hallucinogens, The Neptune Power Federation are a force of nature that are unlikely to be denied.  Plus, as the icing on the cake, we at 100% ROCK HQ are pretty certain that your life will be empty and meaningless until you check out their official video clips for Wizard Loving and Boil The Oil – the latter featuring Lemmy, Dio, Wendy O Williams, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Ozzy & Randy Rhoads, Angus Young & Brian Johnson, Dee Snider, Joan Jett and heaps more, albeit in cartoon form!

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