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NIGHTFALL releases third and final single off ‘Cassiopeia’ exclusively via website of Rock Hard magazine!

| 15 January 2013 | Reply


Greek symphonic metallers NIGHTFALL have released the third and final single of their upcoming new album Cassiopeia!

Surf over to the website of Rock Hard Germany at THIS location to check out The Reptile Gods!

NIGHTFALL comments on the song as follows: “This track refers to the mythical Salamander that said it was born in fire. That amphibious species that looks like lizard played a significant role in Alchemy and occultness. Recently the subject re-emerged in the form of Reptilian Humanoids appearing in Ufology and Conspiracy theories, credited to the British writer David Icke.”

Cassiopeia will be released January 22nd in North America on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and wherever digital music is sold.

Cassiopeia track listing:

1. Phaethon

2. Oberon & Titania

3. Colonize Cultures

4. The Nightwatch

5. Stellar Parallax

6. Hubris

7. The Reptile Gods

8. Hyperion

9. Akhenaton, the 9th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty

10. The Sand Reckoner

11. Astropolis

NIGHTFALL recorded the album in four different places, something the band is quite familiar with. Vocals and keys were recorded in Greece (Soundflakes studios & Cyberia) while the drums got hammered down in Germany in the Soundlodge studios. Guitars and bass were recorded in the U.S. in Nashville, Tennessee in the Boomcave studios.

More than on the previous album Astron Black & The Thirty Tyrants, in Cassiopeia the spirit of old school Heavy Metal larks in almost every riff, with Mercyful Fate’s and King Diamond’s guitar style having its top notch, always the NIGHTFALL way.

Unlike Astron Black, there are more fast tempos as well as grindy ones bringing memories back from the mid 90’s times of now cult release Athenian Echoes! The vocals remain very, very heavy and thanks to Soundflakes amazing gear and Jörg Uken’s super mixing skills fit great with the melodic leads, moreover creating a solid sound wall where vocalist Efthimis comfortably sits on and spreading his inner daemons out to the world!


Efthimis Karadimas – vocals

Evan Hensley – guitars

Constantine – guitars

Stathis Ridis – bass

Stathis Kassios – keys

Jörg Uken – drums

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