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BROADWAY CALLS – Comfort/Distraction

| 23 January 2013 | Reply


Label: No Sleep Records

Release Date: February 5, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Every once in a while a young band puts out a really good punk rock disc.  One of those discs has emerged early in 2013 from Broadway Calls.  “Bring On The Storm” opens the disc and you know instantly this is going to be a great ride.  The guitar and vocals come at you almost as fast as the drummer is killing his set.  “Open Letter” is next and this takes this to the next level.  The playing here is really good and the lyrics grab you; a line in the chorus has run through my head once or twice… today.  “A f*ck is all I have to give.”  This really sums up the whole punk attitude  when it is done right.  “Minus One” follows and the vocals are cool and the use of layering adds a little depth to the track.  The band is talented and play well together.  “Surrounded By Ghosts” comes on and has a swagger to it that carries from the lyrics to the music.  The lyrics are amusing and the music helps carry the track.  “Zombie World” is a modern take on the whole zombie apocalypse fascination the exists these days.  “Lucky Lighter” is a no nonsense track that takes the punk attitude and music, slows it down a bit, and adds depth to the band and their abilities.

“Wildly Swinging” has that same attitude carrying over from the rest of the disc, but the chorus and bridge have a cool breakdown that really adds to the track, even though it slows everything down.  “I’ll Be There” returns to typical punk fare, but this features cool vocals on the chorus.  The song sounds layered and full, allowing the band to add another musical weapon to their arsenal.  This is one of the poppier track on the disc that would allow for some crossover, if they so desired.  The fuzzy guitar solo is really good and matches the rest of the track.  “Life Is Rhythm” is all punk and balls.  This one clocks in at under two minutes, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in punch.  This song proves once and for all, it isn’t all about the length… just pack a solid punch and size doesn’t matter.  “Stealing Sailboats” is another track that has a cool pop edge to it.  The bass line chugs along and keeps the track on course while the drums and guitars stand out and make the song.  “Full Of Hope” closes the disc and describes totally how I feel about the genre, thanks to this band.  The blend of pop sensibility, rock edge, and punk attitude make this song and the rest of the disc a must have.  Thanks for restoring my faith guys.


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