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| 22 January 2013 | Reply


Label: Kirtland Records

Release Date: March 19, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

My introduction to Alpha Rev took place when lead singer Casey McPherson fronted fusion rock super group Flying Colors.  I couldn’t wait to hear what he was up to now.  “Lexington” starts this disc off with an earthy rocker that is a solid track that keeps the listener engaged.  This is alternate rock I can get into.  This is rock without the volume turned up to 11 or the sore neck from head banging.  “Crystal Colorado” is another track that keeps the flow started by the original track, except the music seems lighter.  The track has a retro feel to it without sounding dated.  “Sing Loud” is a little more subdued and chill, but the chorus comes along and adds a little depth to the track.  “Lonely Man” has a rock-a-billy sensibility to it, especially the way Casey’s vocals play against the guitars.  This is a different sound for the band on this disc.  “Black Sky” returns to the vibe created on “Sing Loud” without sounding like the same track.  The vocals mesh well with the guitars and piano.

“Highways” is an upbeat track that has soaring vocals and a tribal back beat that makes this one of the high points on the disc.  “Eden Home” has a cool intro that features a vocal and piano duet that transforms into a nice piece that features some great percussion and background vocals.  “I Will Come” is the most ethereal track on the disc, without losing the original sight of the band for this collection of tracks.  “When You Gonna Run” is one of the better pieces here, especially instrumentally speaking.  The are so many different sounds blended to create this track, but they seem to work together instead of sounding congested.  McPherson flexes his vocal cords a bit on this track, but it works.  “You Belong” brings this disc to a close with a light ditty that features some cool piano and acoustic guitar.  The vocals and instruments mix well and produce another great track.  This disc prompted me to run out and pick up their last disc as well.  It is quite different from everything else I have listened to lately.  Maybe that is part of the fun of this disc.

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