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STICKY BOYS – This Is Rock N Roll

| 27 December 2012 | Reply


Label: Listenable Records

Release Date: November 26, 2012 (US Release)

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Too bad I heard this one after I prepped my Top 2012 list.  This would have been in contention for sure.  This group of French rockers have crafted a great album that should be in every rock collection.

“This Is Rock’n’Roll” is a cool introduction that is clear about the sound this disc is going to have.  The guitar is very AC/DC influenced, but that is a great thing.  “Rock’n’Roll Nation” comes along and continues the guitar attack.  This track screams rock n roll.  This trio plays the style they love and they make no apologies for it.  “Bang That Head” is next and it keeps the course steady and strong.  This tune isn’t as strong as the previous track, but it definitely adds to the theme.  “Great Big Dynamite” has a killer intro that brings the drummer into the limelight a little.  The pounding and slamming is forefront and enjoyable.  These guys do rock well.  “Girls In The City” comes along and features a different guitar and tempo sound from the previous tracks, but the riff throughout is familiar.  This song will inspire many air guitarists and drummers.

“Big Thrill” has a mellow opening that again brings visions of AC/DC dancing to the mind.  The song structure is classic for a simple rock track.  Like many of their peers and predecessors  these guys write good 3:00 tracks that include key rock components.  “Miss Saturday Night” continues the vibe created by the previous track.  The groove is sexy and pounding.  What a great track – one of my favorites here.  “The World Don’t Go Round” is another lost AC/DC track.  Back to back with the previous track, you have a great one-two punch.   You go through a couple more tracks to get to the disc closer, “The Way To Rock’n’Roll.”  This is a fitting close, and these guys definitely know the way to rock n roll.  I cannot wait to see what they unleash on us next.


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