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Eye Empire Returns To The Road/Launches New Single “More Than Fate”

| 13 December 2012 | Reply

Kansas City, MO (December 12, 2012) – Eye Empire has announced plans to return to the road January 18, 2013.  Over the past eighteen months, the quartet has logged tens of thousands of miles performing hundreds of dates.  They have built a formidable following through a direct connection with fans of rock and metal, fueled by the mantra “Love, Respect, Support.”  Audiences have rallied around the feeling of community, and the sentiments articulated by vocalist Donald Carpenter, bassist Corey Lowery, guitarist BC Kochmit, and drummer Ryan Bennett.

Singer Donald “DC” Carpenter shares, “For me, it is something I feel is needed in the overall picture.  Three Simple words that say so much: Embrace Love Not Hate & Judgment. Respect Everyone no Matter Race, Creed or Preference and Support Each Other by Being Present & Active. If You are at an Eye Empire Show, then we are all there for the same reason.”

Musically, Eye Empire has established a connection that has witnessed an organic swell.  Bassist and in-house Producer Corey Lowery offers, “I think a lot of it has to do with the chemistry together. Musically we are always pushing each other to stay fresh and new.  We are always evolving. There’s a level of trust that we have for each other that allows us to take music to the heaviest with up-tempo to the simplest three chord progression with a acoustic guitar. Rock ‘n roll’s is a rebellion art so it’s very important to be fearless not putting any ceilings on the art that we do. From the start we have kept this belief and we’ve watched it grow and it continues to grow to this day.”

After a year plus of radio support on the single “I Pray,” close to 400 appearances over the past couple of years, and a unity that keeps Eye Empire going strong, the focus shifts to crowd favorite “More Than Fate” as single number two.  Carpenter offers, “I am deeply connected to this story.  You truly have to live by your heart and trust that life will lead you in the direction you are needed. I believed and it lead me to Eye Empire. I will never take that for granted.” On January 22, “More Than Fate” impacts at Active Rock radio.

Eye Empire has announced the following confirmed appearances, with more dates to be added in the coming days.  3 Years Hollow are direct support from 1/18 though 2/17, and Surrender The Fall take that spot from 2/19 through 3/15.

1/18     Jacksonville     FL                   Brewsters

1/19     St Pete             FL                   Durty Nellys

1/21     Cape Coral      FL                   Dixies

1/23     Spartanburg     SC                   Ground Zero

1/24     Charlotte         NC                  Amos Southend

1/25     Raleigh            NC                  Southland Ballroom

1/26     Parkersburg     WV                  TBD

1/27     Towson           MD                 Recher Theatre

1/30     Butler              NJ                   Architekt

1/31     Amityville       NY                  Revolution

2/01     Brookfield       CT                   The Room

2/05     Coventry         RI                    The Rock Junction

2/10     Columbus        OH                  Alrosa Villa

2/12     Cincinnati        OH                  Century Theater

2/14     Cleveland        OH                  Peabodys

2/15     Battle Creek    MI                   Planet Rock

2/17     South Bend     IN                    Cheers

2/19     Kokomo          IN                    Centerstage

2/22     Madison          WI                   Regent St Retreat

2/24     Rock Island     IL                    Ribco

2/26     Rochester        MN                 Wicked Moose

2/27     Fargo               ND                  Legacy Ballroom

2/28     Minot              ND                  Original Bar

3/01     Bismarck         ND                  O.N.E.

3/02     Harrisburg       SD                   Phoenix Lounge

3/07     Kansas City    MO                 Davey’s Uptown

3/12     Shreveport      LA                   Voodoo

3/13     Birmingham     AL                   Iron Horse

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