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BLOOD OF THE SUN – Burning On The Wings Of Desire

| 18 December 2012 | Reply


Label: Listenable Records

Release Date: November 27, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I am not normally one to get into stoner or southern rock tinged music.  You add an organ to it and I am not any more inclined to like it.  Something about this disc is different.  I would normally pass on something like this, but this is really good.  I don’t know what made me listen past the first track.  Actually I do know – it was the first track.  “Let It Roll” is reminiscent of Deep Purple with its driving bass line, chugging guitars, and organ/keyboards.  For someone who cut their teeth on 70s rock before being influenced by hair metal, this is a solid throwback to a rock era gone by.  The title track, “”Burning On The Wings Of Desire” keeps the fun going and the rock level up.  The tempo is great, the playing is awesome, and the groove created on this one really calls for foot tapping.  “Can’t Stop My Heart” is another track that uses the bass and keyboard to steer the sound.  The drummer also get a little attention here, and it is warranted.  “Brings Me Down” is the first track to slow the pace down.  I hear this as more of a southern rock tune, when compared to the previous three tracks.  This tune really allows the vocals to take a front seat and drive for a few minutes.

“Rock Your Station” features more guitar than most of the tracks so far, and the riffs are different from normal fare, as is the tempo and use of the keyboards.  This one charges forward and doesn’t let up.  “Good Feeling” has that same driving tempo that has influenced most of this disc.  I can’t get over the sound and the way all of the musicians and their instruments work well on this disc.  I just may have to dig out all of my 70’s discs and revisit them.  “The Snitch” features some cool guitar work, as well, as a beat that compliments the rest of the disc.  Disc closer, “Good And Evil,” clocks in at over 7:oo, but is worth the listen.  The tempo changes combined with the lower range of vocals adds yet another dimension to the disc that makes it an enjoyable rock record from top to bottom.

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