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RICHIE SAMBORA – Aftermath Of The Lowdown

| 7 November 2012 | Reply

Label: Dangerbird Records

Release Date: September 18, 2012

Rating: 7.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Having been a fan of just about everything Bon Jovi has done (except for the remake album with new arrangements), it was only natural that I would dig the first two solo albums from Richie Sambora.  ‘Stranger In This Town’ showed the roots and natural ability of the versatile performer.  ‘Undiscovered Soul’ raised the bar and is one of my Top 100 CDs of all time.  That leads us to the latest release, ‘Aftermath Of The Lowdown.’

The opening track is a bit misleading.  It has a weird fusion sound to it, which is WAY off target for anything related to a Sambora/Bon Jovi composition.  I know this is a solo disc, but why stray too far from the pattern?  Thankfully, this track is the only major misstep here.  “Every Road Leads Home To You” makes up for it though, with its guitar work, lyrics, and vibe.  The next track, “Taking A Chance On The Wind” also follows the path and is what one might expect from Sambora.  Then the songs start to veer again.  It isn’t that these songs aren’t good, they just don’t meet the standard that Richie has set for 30 years.  As co-writer of so many great tracks that make up the soundtrack of many lives, I just don’t think these tracks will be remembered in three years, let alone three decades.

As the disc progresses, not much jumps out at me, but I do like the track “Seven Years Gone.”  The lyrics and music play well together and the song borders on ballad and rocker.  Again, one of the things that Sambora is known for.  If this were another rocker or band, it would probably be a really good disc, but because it is Richie Sambora, it just doesn’t go a long way with me.

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