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Live – WARBRINGER, Perth WA – 11 October 2012

| 12 November 2012 | Reply

Amplifier Bar, Perth
Reviewed by Metal Billy

Supports incl Malignant Monster / Devour The Martyr / Gates of Perdition

First of all a huge decision needed to be made – Steel Panther had changed the date of their Perth show which now clashed with Warbringer – what to do ? Was I to don the blonde mullet wig and spandex slacks or wear my grotty denim jeans and Exodus T-shirt ?

As a disciple of Thrash this was a no brainer – Panther tix offloaded and it was off to Amps to see LA Thrash revivalists Warbringer showcasing their excellent 2011 offering Worlds Torn Asunder.

Apologies to the seemingly endless procession of local support bands – while having a few cold ones with Pete Mt Heaverest & Bevan Bobcat we got chatting with lead guitarist John Laux and new bass player Ben Bennett (who had replaced John’s brother Andy who has some health issues) so we really didn’t take much notice of the supports as we prattled on about all things thrash and Sea Sheperd-ey and downed more beers.

John took off to tune his guitar and we took our places front and centre as Warbringer emerged from the rear of stage to rip faces off with opener Living Weapon – loud & fast with shrieking vocals courtesy of vocalist John Kevill it was a hell of a start and the guys never let up .. playing tunes from all three albums .. Wake Up Destroy, Shoot To Kill, Combat Shock .. Future Ages Gone – they flew by as if being played at 45 speed on an old turntable.

The smallish crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves by crowd surfing and forming a circle pit here and there as the band gave their all in appreciation.. drummer Carlos Cruz clobbered the skins at light speed and bassist Ben Bennet laid down the solid foundation as John Laux churned out the speed riffs ably supported by sidekick Ben Mottsman – the solos could be heard clearly in the mix. Kevill commanded centre stage , hair windmilling and egging on the crowd to go for it.

Living in a Whirlwind was a highlight followed by Jackal, Shattered Like Glass and then a very cool thrash version of Motorhead’s We Are The Road Crew ensued. Finishing off the night with Treacherous Tongue from Worlds Torn Asunder and the punters were left wanting for more as the band exited the stage.

Thrash is well and truly alive and with the likes of Warbringer producing quality tunes and expertly bringing them to life on stage all augers well for the rabid metal masses.

As for cheesy ballads – who fucking needs ‘em we say ! Thrash or Die ..or as the Stubby Holder at the merch desk stated “Beer Without End”.

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