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SLASH Live – Perth, 30 August 2012

| 14 September 2012 | Reply

By Paula Da Horta with input from Diamond Eye lead guitarist Greg Fawcett.


Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators stormed onto the stage at Metro City with the belter Halo letting the punters know they were here for one thing and one thing only TO ROCK!

To finally see an icon from my teenage years play live was surreal and then to hear Myles Kennedy was just icing on the cake. Myles has an excellent voice which I think left a lot of initial doubters slack jawed as he and the Conspirators took us on the Night Train, (a GnR track). With little chat, checking that Perth was indeed rocking, the band tore through Ghost & Standing in the Sun, before Back from Cali, which ensured a sing a long by the crowd.

This red hot band broke into the classic Gunners tune of My Michelle which nearly tipped this reviewer over the balcony with excitement. Axl Rose in his hey day was tip top but Myles Kennedy doesn’t try to impersonate him. He takes on the GnR songs with his unique voice. He is a singer of quality standard; taking on the hits of Rocket Queen, Out Ta Get Me, Sweet Child O Mine, leaving no doubt that he is no Axl impersonator.

The tones of Starlight, Anastasia & You’re A Lie, made people doubly sure that Myles Kennedy is a Great Front Man.

With the Conspirators made up of Todd Kerns on bass, Frank Sidoris on rhythm and Brent Fitz on drums. There is no way you could walk away from this show not feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth. Between being in awe of the man himself, being sent into a frenzy with Kennedy’s voice, that when the effervescent energy of Todd, rocking like a bass player should, took the stand for Dr Alibi. This reviewer wanted more!

But this was Slash’s show so all due credit must go to the man with the top hat and mirrored aviator glasses. He was in fine form from the get go, It was essentially a flawless performance, including an extended rendition of the Gunners classic Rocket Queen. He took his place on the stage pedestal and tore the place apart with ballsy blues and rock solo licks that he is renowned for. Some would say it was a little self indulgent, but at the end of the day it was what we were there to see.

It was also great to see that he still retains the theme from “The Godfather” from the GnR days as part of the show. His solo work throughout the night was very impressive and at times included sweep picking, something that I was not aware was in his bag of tricks. For any doubters this guy proved that he really can play.

His tone too was very impressive. I guess having your own signature model Les Pauls and Marshalls can certainly assist with that, and it works for him.

The cool look and presence that have never changed over the years, together with his super fast fingers and tremendous feel certainly does justify Slash’s position as a world class guitar god.

Coming back for the encore minus Kennedy one wondered what more could this gun band throw at us. Shirtless and looking buff for his 47 years. The mirrored-glasses one informs us they hadn’t played this song in over a year and a half, and boy was Perth in for a treat. With Todd Kerns at the helm once again, the band rocked into Welcome To The Jungle sending the packed Metro City into a frenzy that made even Slash smile. Todd Nailed It!

As the confetti rained down on us during the final song of the night, Paradise City, I felt that’s where I was. It’s the first show that I’ve been too in a long time that I didn’t want to end. Yes there wasn’t much chat from the guys, but playing 22 songs in a jammed packed 2 hour show more than made up for that.

With a promise of coming back soon, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators left the stage and left Perth feeling very satisfied.

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