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GHOST – Opus Eponymous

| 28 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Metal Blade
Released: January 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

This group of Swedish bogeymen dress in evil Cardinal’s robes and boast skullface makeup whilst proudly intoning the name of their dark master Satan.

Scary shit, right there, but as soon as atmospheric album opener Deus Culpa’s organ fades away, GHOST reveal themselves to be plying not a church-burning cookie-monster-vocalled brand of death metal, but a very Seventies heavy metal sound indeed.

In fact, despite rarely missing an opportunity to spread the gospel according to the Dark One, more than anything else GHOST sound remarkably similar to the likes of Blue Oyster Cult!

Guitar riffs ring with summery rock vibes rather than doom; it’s left to the sonorous vocals to spooky up proceedings as they rewrite the Lord’s Prayer in Ritual, or talk of their master in Satan’s Prayer.

Death Knell points a little towards mid-Seventies Sabbath with its chiming riff, and a scarily omnipresent rhythm section and tolling bell bring to mind those Danish summoners of speed metal evil, Mercyful Fate.

Prime Mover brings us back to the poppiest heavy metal heard since Don’t Fear The Reaper (It’s a cowbell-free zone though!) and Genesis closes Opus Eponymous in epic style, heralding the dawning of the new dark age with an eerily acoustic prog-ish instrumental ballad.

There’s a lot more to GHOST than meets the eye – and there’s a lot that meets the eye at first glance – and it wll be interesting to see where these faceless nameless ones, led by the mysterious Papa Emeritus, take things next.

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