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Comedy: A Final Taste Of Hale & Pace Live in Perth 1st October 2011

| 3 September 2012 | Reply

Burswood Theatre, Perth
1 Oct 2011

By Shane & Trulie Pinnegar

For 30 years Gareth Hale & Norman Pace have entertained us through TV shows and live performances and finally they have decided that enough is enough – cue “A final taste of Hale & Pace”

Characters such as mega favourites the two dodgy and perhaps mildly retarded bouncers, The Two Rons (complete with rubber chicken!), the two stoner rockers Jed & Dave, and a myriad of other wacky characters all entertain – even if some of the material is a mite overly familiar.

Hell, after 10 series of their TV show, 30 years in the biz, and many live tours, I’m not surprised the entire show wasn’t brand spanking new! What it WAS though, was damn funny – perhaps at times by sheer force of Gareth & Norman’s personalities and quirks, but damn funny none the less!

A very funny way to spend a few hours , reminding us of a lot old old jokes from their TV series and providing new laughs a plenty

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