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Book review: METALLIC DREAMS by Mark Rice

| 3 September 2012 | Reply

Mark Rice
Lulu Press, 2010

By Shane Pinnegar

Heavy Metal novels are few and far between – and this may well be the only Heavy Metal novel ever to have the main character talk to “The Metal Gods”, be chased by The Devil (no, really!), edge down the road to insanity, and indulge in a myriad of deviant sex acts along the way, leaving a cross-continental trail of destruction.

Rice has constructed a very clever story though – a story which, whilst far fetched in parts, is never too removed from a believable magical reality. Where he falls down is with some very clunky, unrealistic dialogue, which lets the book down in parts, and I almost put the book down a couple more times because of it.

Thankfully I didn’t give up on METALLIC DREAMS – despite some shoddy dialogue, the characters are interesting and develop well throughout the story, to the point where I legitimately wanted to find out their fates. There’s also fun to be had with all the heavy metal name dropping along the way, though the wisdom or believability of teaming the story’s fictional band with real band Pink Steel – dubbed the “gay Steel Panther” – for a US tour is also awkward at times and brings little to the story apart from an excuse for some gay jokes and homophobic behaviour from a couple of the main characters.

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