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Adrenaline Mob – Omerta

| 15 September 2012 | Reply

Label:Elm City Music / Century Media Records

Release Date: March 13, 2012

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

To see a few of metals stars mix it up, one automatically thinks super group, but this is no super group. This is a viable band that will make its mark and be a force to reckon with moving forward. Featuring Russell Allen (v) from Symphony X, guitar wizard Mike Orlando, Mike Portnoy (d) of Dream Theater and recently A7X fame, a metal head would expect nothing less than monster… and man did they deliver.

“Undaunted” is every bit the rocker. It is so rocking; I totally thought this was new Disturbed when it first kicked into gear. Russell drops the melodic/symphonic crunch his fans are used to, rolls up his sleeves and delivers. The guitar work is awesome, as is the bass work supplied by Paul DiLeo (who has since left and been replaced with Disturbed bassist John Moyer). “Psychosane” is another great rocker. There are so many familiar components to this song. The vocals have shifted from the nu-metal sound to be more metal, where some of the guitar licks could easily be mistaken for Zakk Wylde due to the pings and squeals. “Indifferent” kicks into gear and we have yet a third style of metal present itself. It isn’t any less enjoyable than the last two songs, just mellow in comparison. It is a good rock song that will come across great live. “All On The Line” keeps the mood light and yet, steers the CD into a great groove. I cannot wait to hear this live and see a venue glow from all of the lighters and cell phones. Russell delivers some of his best vocals on this song.

“Hit The Wall” helps you do exactly that. This rocker tears open the disc and gets the juices flowing. You can totally pick up on the prog influence of Portnoy’s playing, but it could be his recent jazz influence as well, as the playing and time changes are aggressive, but solid. “Feelin’ Me” is my idea of a great rocker. It has a solid intro that makes you want more; the riffs are solid and build into the lyrics. Russell again turns in a great metal vocal track. “Come Undone” is a guilty pleasure. According to Portnoy, he had never heard the original by Duran Duran until this was presented to him. I love this cover – the song has been given a new face and the addition of Lzzy Hale of Halestorm makes it that much better. “Believe Me” is another solid rocker. It is the first song where Russell symphonic past rears its head in his vocals. This man can sing… may even have to check out more of the Symphony X catalog.

“Down To The Floor” has a solid rhythm to it… almost tribal. Portnoy again does what he does best and beats the hell out of his kit. The guitar work and effects totally add to the song. “Angel Sky” has a totally 80s feel to it as the guitars lead you into the voice we have come to enjoy here. This song would have been a power ballad hit in the period 1986-1991 for any band; the song writing is so solid. “Freight Train” may be the last song here, but it is quite obvious, will not be the last we hear of Adrenaline Mob. This song comes at you balls out, taking you on a ride… and what a ride it is.

Adrenaline Mob may fit that super group mold, but trust me, they are so much more than that. These guys know what they like about rock and have brought each component and their own vision of what rock music should be and cooked it together here.

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