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| 30 August 2012 | Reply

Los Angeles,  CA…On September 11, Goldenlane Records (a subsidiary of 
Cleopatra Records) will  release OUTLAWS ANTHOLOGY: LIVE AND RARE (1973-1981).  
This once-in-a-lifetime box set of live  recordings and rate studio outtakes 
contains more than four hours of music from  the definitive Southern 
Rock-Country hybrid band:  Outlaws. 
Formed in Tampa  Florida in the late sixties, Outlaws’ big signature sound 
became fully realized  in the early 1970s and the band was the first signed 
to Arista Records by Clive  Davis. The self-titled1975 debut album reached 
#13 on the Billboard album chart,  and featured “There Goes Another Love Song”
 and “Green Grass And High  Tides.”  “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”  from 
GHOST RIDERS was a Top 40 hit single.   
ANTHOLOGY  features “The Florida Guitar Army” – the infamous triple guitar 
assault of  Hughie Thomasson (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Henry Paul (Blackhawk), and 
Billy Jones –  which bridged a unique gap between country, rock, and even 
metal.  Frank O’Keefe was on bass, and Monte  Yoho on drums.   
In addition to  several unique versions of all the hits, ANTHOLOGY includes 
a full disc of demo  recordings from early album sessions and eight 
previously unreleased  songs. 
DISC 1: LIVE 1975                                        DISC 3: LIVE 1977-1981 
Denver CO (August  1975)                                 Stanley Theater – Pittsburgh PA  (March 1977)   
1.  Waterhole                                            1.  South  Carolina 
2.  Stick Around For Rock & Roll                         2.  Gunsmoke          
3.  Knoxville Girl                                       3.  Song In The  Breeze 
4.  There Goes Another Love Song                         Capitol Theater – Passiac NJ (May  1977)   
Bryn Mawr PA (August 1975)                               4.  Cold & Lonesome 
5.  Song For You                                         5.  Holiday                  
6.  Prisoner                                             6.  Hurry  Sundown 
7.  Redneck Friend                                       7.  Lover  Boy 
Cleveland OH (September 1975)                            8.  Gunsmoke 
8.  There Goes Another Love Song                         Pittsburgh Arena – Pittsburgh  (November 1981) 
9.  Freeborn Man                                         9.  Angels  Hide 
10. Kansas City  Queen                                   10. Blueswater 
Record Plant, Sausalito CA (November  1975)              11. Keep  Prayin’ 
11. Song In The  Breeze                                  12. You Are The Show        
12. Knoxville Girl                                       13. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky 
13. Cry No  More 
14.  Green Grass & High  Tides 
DISC 2: LIVE 1976                                        DISC 4: Studio Demos 
Record Plant – Los  Angeles (November 1976)              Outlaws Sessions
1.  Waterhole                                            1.  Song For  You 
2.  Stick Around For Rock & Roll                         2.  It Follows From The Heart   
3.  Song In The Breeze                                   Lady In Waiting  Sessions 
4.  Lover Boy                                            3.  Freeborn Man   
5.  Freeborn Man                                         Hurry Sundown Sessions 
6.  Cry No More                                          4.  Gunsmoke 
7.  Knoxville Girl                                       5.  Holiday   
8.  Green Grass & High Tides                             6.  Hurry  Sundown 
9.  There Goes Another Love Song                         7. Cold & Lonesome 
8.  Night  Wines 
9.  Heavenly  Blues 
Unreleased Demos  1973-1977 
10. Never See  Your Face 
11. Windy Cities Blue 
12. Nighttime’s Passing Dream 
13. True Love At First Sight 
14. Where Does It Go From Here 
15. Goodbye Tupelo 
16. Alone With You Again 
17. Two Time Blues 
OUTLAWS ANTHOLOGY: LIVE  AND RARE (1973-1981) will be available at your 
favorite record stores and all  online retailers.  MSRP for the 4-CD  set is 

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