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| 31 August 2012 | Reply
The first official music video for the upcoming 2012 album by the Australian band of
fourteen and fifteen year old teens MYSTERY. The AC/DC home town boys are setting
the world on fire with their extremely energetic live shows all over the World. This
is the first taste of what to expect from their album. 


STOP PRESS: More exciting news by the day in the MYSTERY camp! More info added.

Have you got your seat belts on tight? It's going to be a wild ride!!!

Could you ever imagine being at an event featuring bands like Motley Crue, Manowar,
Europe, Megadeth, Motorhead and W.A.S.P. all at the one place? 
This would be a dream come true for many fans. Now could you even ever imagine
actually performing at such a huge event? 
Well this dream will come true for a group of young Australian boys. 

From the team that bring you Motion Pictures of bands like THE POODLES, MANOWAR,
RHAPSODY and various feature films have announced an exciting new project.
Majestic Film Australia and Metal Warriors Pty. Ltd. in collaboration with their
Hollywood partners at Morphius Film have announced that they will be producing
 a documentary style feature length movie highlighting the journey of a young Heavy
Metal band from Melbourne, Australia called MYSTERY.

‘It’s not easy being young’ said bass player Josh. ‘Because of alcohol laws, we
can’t play licensed clubs because we are just kids so all of our performances
 have to be at special venues where there are no age restrictions’ explained
guitarist Kris ‘like our headliner show on the main stage at Federation Square
 in the City Centre of Melbourne’ added drummer Tony. ‘It means that we are isolated
from the rest of the scene so everything we have done so far
 has been to a diverse audience that are mostly our own age outside of the regular
Metal scene’ Rocky stated. Fortunately, the band has had the opportunity
 to be mentored by legendary names of the Australian and International scene.

This movie will highlight these four devoted young musicians aged fourteen and
fifteen years of age from the territory that brought you AC/DC embarking 
on the ultimate Rock journey of a lifetime.

A film team will be travelling with the band and following them through their trials
and tribulations across the globe and their first World Tour starting in Bucharest,

Currently the band is putting on the finishing touches to their album, which will
include some very special guests soon to be announced. Recorded with 
engineers Jesse Duerkop and Stu Marshall, the debut album by MYSTERY is nearing
completion. Frontman Rocky is currently recording the vocals with 
Mick Jelinic (Mortification, Terraphobia) at 454 Studio. The albums final mix and
master will be completed during the end of April at Frontier Studios with 
Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden, Dungeon) at the helm.

The artwork has already been completed by the famous South American artist from
Colombia, Felipe Machado Franco known for his work for
 LucasFilm Ltd., Christopher Lee, Rhapsody Of Fire and Blind Guardian).

It may also be a good time to point out that the band will also be doing a music
video for each of their original songs, which will also be correlated into a movie.
The music videos will be shot in places like the home region of Dracula in
Transylvania Romania. Lights, camera, action, there will also be a music video shot
in Hollywood, California in The USA and under the rising Sun in Japan. All of the
music videos will also be correlated into a movie.

There is not much the members of MYSTERY are not doing! The boys have not permitted
their young age to get in the way of their dreams and passion 
for Metal music as they prepare to spread their wings across the globe.

Hats off to these young High School boys whose determination is getting them to
major places. ‘For all my years at school, It has not been easy for me having
to put up with bullies telling me to cut my hair and putting down Metal, but they
have never stopped me and they never will!
That inspired my writing and this journey is our call to arms! We are calling upon
all the Metal fans across the World to show us their support! 
Yes, we are young but our age proves that Rock music will live on and that Heavy
Metal will never die!’ exclaimed Rocky.

Find out more about the active young boys and check out the official MYSTERY website
and like their Facebook page at:
or become a fan on ReverbNation:

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